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Welcome to the October 2017 edition of DataClarity’s Performance Pathways eNewsletter. In this edition, learn more about continuous planning and discover how top organizations improve performance by modernizing their analytics and information management. Read customer success stories and see how IBM Analytics can help your company stays competitive. Please enjoy this month’s edition of Performance Pathways, the eNewsletter that leads the way to higher performance management!
Top companies seek out diverse data types
Top Companies Seek Out Diverse
Data Types
Over the past few years, two major trends have overtaken the world of analytics and data-driven decision-making. The first trend is that an ever-increasing breadth and diversity of users have become curious about the power of data analytics to inform their most critical decisions.
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Ventana Research - Continuous Planning
Continuous Planning Promotes Action, Accuracy and Agility
Continuous planning is a term Ventana Research uses for a high participation, collaborative, action-oriented approach to planning built on frequent, short planning sprints. This enables organizations to enhance the accuracy of their plans because refinements are made at shorter intervals.
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Compass for Success
Helping Students Succeed Using IBM Analytics
With the help of IBM Analytics, Compass for Success sought a way to make education data more accessible across the province to help schools improve student outcomes.
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ARC using Cognos BI
Dramatically Improve the End-to-End Customer Experience
Airlines Reporting Corporation implemented IBM Analytics to proactively tackle PCI and ISO auditing and reach new heights of proactive security and support.
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Delivering Fast and Flexible Services
To improve efficiency and its customer experience, Panalpina worked with IBM to create a solution to automate its processes and streamline its IT landscape, resulting in greater efficiency and increased visibility.
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Reduce Time to Value and Total Cost of Ownership
Reduce Time to Value and Total Cost of Ownership
Read the solution brief to discover the fastest, most efficient way to create, customize and deploy Cognos dashboards using powerful drag and drop visualizations from a rich template library.
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Demo - IBM MDM
Helping Assess Potential Danger in Child Poisoning
By indexing structured and unstructured data, IBM Master Data Management provides better access to product information, helping poison control center give timely and informed advice and saving lives.
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