Missed our webinar? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered
  DataClarity Corporation
June 2018    
  Webinar on-Demand  
  Missed our webinar? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.  
  The recorded on-demand web seminar is now available for viewing at your convenience. Watch it now to discover how you can accelerate the creation of managed Cognos reports and dashboards with just a few clicks.  
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IBM Planning Analytics top ranked  
  IBM Planning Analytics Top-Ranked in 25 KPIs  
  Analysts at the Business Application Research Center (BARC) recently released “The Planning Survey 18”, and top-ranked IBM Planning Analytics in 25 key performance indicators.  
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Staying Ahead of the Pack - Colt  
  Staying Ahead of the Pack  
  With a more efficient approach to incentive compensation management, Colt saves time that can be diverted to higher-value activities and gains the agility to put changes into action faster, which is a key competitive advantage.  
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Mueller Inc. using IBM Analytics  
  Data Insights for an Increased Profitability  
  With the help of IBM Analytics Mueller Inc. can look at data a lot more closely and not just down to the aggregate level, but down to the fine level, improving customer experience and increasing profitability.  
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Solving Imposible with IBM Streams
Solving “Impossible” with IBM Streams
Sharpe Engineering uses IBM Streams as its platform of choice to build innovative solutions that can analyze data in motion, delivering results that clients previously thought to be impossible.
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Why IBM Analytics
Why IBM Business Analytics
Watch the video to see how IBM Business Analytics solutions can help you catapult your organization forward by using a combination of the major analytics disciplines to put insights into the hands of decision makers.
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