DataClarity Cognos BI and TM1 Support and Upgrade
  DataClarity Corporation
  Cognos Support Services  
  Having challenges maintaining, supporting, enhancing or upgrading your Cognos BI or TM1 solutions?  
  Our team of trusted experts can provide a broad spectrum of services on demand tailored to your specific needs. Specializing in that next level of service above and beyond the traditional vendor provided support, our team can function as an in-house resource handling outages, maintenance, troubleshooting, upgrades, and enhancements for a fraction of the cost of a full-time dedicated person.  
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Cognos Migration Service  
  Upgrade to IBM Cognos Analytics  
  Accelerate your business transformation with a tailored migration service to deploy on-premise, in the cloud, or in a hybrid model based on your use cases and requirements.  
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Cognos Education Classes  
  Cognos and Planning Analytics Courses  
  Need to ramp up the skills, knowledge, and independence of your team? Our experts provide comprehensive education services for both Cognos Analytics and Planning Analytics tailored to meet your specific team goals.  
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Get in Front of Digital Finance
Get in Front of Digital Finance or Get Left Back
Once CFOs understand the role advanced analytics can play in improving financial processes, they can work with the CEO and other senior leaders to identify broader ways of applying advanced analytics to uncover new sources of business value.
Jim Collins - Better Sales
Insights for Better Sales and Operations Planning
Today's world is data-rich but insights-poor. Find out how your financial plans and operations can sing and dance to the same sheet of music, so your sales and operations planning can be integrated for better and more accurate decision-making.
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North York General Hospital
Improving the Quality of Care with IBM Analytics
With the new analytics platform in place, North York General Hospital is able to provide clinicians and managers with much richer insight into the hospital’s operations.
QuadReal using IBM Analytics
Conquering the Global Real Estate Market
IBM Analytics helps QuadReal’s decision-makers get timely, accurate insight into portfolio data scattered across many disparate source systems to meet their business objectives.
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Medtronic - IBM Streams
Fighting Diabetes with Analytics
Using IBM solutions, Medtronic is able to provide timely advice to help people better manage their diabetes - potentially avoiding hospital visits, improving quality of life, and reducing the cost of care.
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Ferguson - IBM ICM
Preserving a Leading Market Position
Ferguson enabled greater control, insight and flexibility around incentive compensation management with IBM ICM, helping to drive higher revenues by creating plans aligned with product strategy.
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